Bohemian Cones



Strawberry Kiss

homemade whipped cream, chocolate topping & fresh strawberries


vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, raisins  walnuts & apple filling

Double Choco

chocolate ice cream, caramel topping and Hershey’s chocolate bar


chocolate ice cream, fresh strawberries & Marshmallow


vanilla ice cream, chocolate topping, salted caramel, topping & snickers


vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownies & chocolate topping

Birthday Cone

Chocolate ice cream, confetti sprinkles & fresh strawberries


vanilla ice cream,  chocolate topping & Oreo


Ham & cheese

rucola, tomatoes,  farmer cheese, sliced smocked country ham

Smoked Salmon

green salad, tomatoes,  onion, mustard and dill dressing, smoked salmon

Chicken Salad

roasted chicken salad with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomatoes

Roast Beef

sliced roast beef, pickled sea beans, homemade aioli

Greek Style Tuna

tuna fish in oil, feta cheese, onion, tomatoes, olives, lettuce, light tzatziki sauce

Mediterranean Ⓥ

baked pepper, baked zucchini, hummus, garlic, parsley

Cottage Ⓥ

spinach, walnuts, honey, cottage cheese

Italian Ⓥ

rucola, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, avocado, feta cheese, quinoa, chickpeas and Italian yogurt sauce